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N . E . W . S

Project founded.
In may 2005 Java Backup was born.



JBup is short for Java Backup. It wants to become a robust professional backup software. It should be failsafe and easily callable by job schedulers.

JBup creates a mirror of the current file sets and compares it to the previous version. The deltas are saved and the previous mirror is removed. By applying the increments in reverse time order complete backups of arbitrary versions can be created.

JBup is an Ant task and therefore it can be used in Ant scripts that perform additional backup actions. So directories can be zipped or archived with tar, emails can be sent and so on. The whole world of Ant possibilities is open. Using Java and Ant gives JBup the same platform independence.

A first version of this AntTask is already running and saves different project directories to a network device.

Please take a look at the following sections:

Lists the current and planed features of JBup.
Demonstrates how to make Backups with JBup. Shows some examples.
Describes how JBup works.
Background information for software developers.
Installation notes. Also lists system requirements.







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